DAT Delay

SunVox module by Queries

"DAT Delay", an embracing of SunVox's limitations while simultaneously striving to create something akin to a Tape Delay.

Has an LFO mode (set LFO on/off to 32768) that can be useful for reversing if you set it up just right (see attached project), and can also be used to make a pretty convincing vinyl spinback effect (still working on that example). The LFO sweeps over 0 to 4000 ms delay on L/R.

If you turn LFO off, you can control "L/R Delay" together for chained mode, or if you turn "manual L/R on/off" all the way to 32768 you can control "L Delay" and "R Delay" independently.

CPU usage depends on the S2C Hz setting, which sets the global sampling rate for the four sound2ctl modules that are inside this effect. Set it lower if you can (or if you like the sonic changes introduced by doing so!).

Original post at https://warmplace.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4442&p=15826#p15826

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