SawZer EQ 5

SunVox module by SawZer

A 5 band EQ,with adjustable bands.

What is a perfect band split? Instead of using 2 filters per band, my modules use n-1 filters, where n is the number of bands. The split is achieved through inversion.

Why should I care about inversion? The common method of using 2 filters per band create strange peak and valleys in the spectrum, even when set to Default. This method does not add or subtract any more frequencies than are expected, and the sound is unchanged when set to Default.

Controls: Crossover Frequencies: Here you can define the scope of the bands. Please remember to keep them properly ordered (Lowest to Highest). If the frequencies are set out of order, you will summon Ctulhu. Band Volumes: Works like you'd expect; Raise the lows and the bass will be louder, lower the mids and the mids will be quieter and so on.

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